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Instant password finder - Instant password... Instruction file about how to recover a passw
Size: -
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Instant-In Never use a password again to log on to your Windows 7/8 device.
Size: 52.09K
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Instant C Easily Convert VB.NET to C#
Size: 136 KB
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Convert for .NET  
Instant Instan-t 4.6 Build 1932 A useful program that allows you to communicate with MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and Instan-t IM Networks
Size: 6.52 MB
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AOL IM communicate program instan instan messenger  
jAlbum Instant Upload images directly from the context menu
Size: 1.1 MB
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uploader image Upload Image Upload picture uploader  
Instant Uninstaller Excellent replacement for standard add/remove tool with additional features
Size: 328 KB
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remove replacement  

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Akeni Help Desk Assistant Enterprise IM Akeni Help Desk Assistant can be used with Akeni Enterprise Instant Messaging IM
Size: 10.6 MB
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Desk Assistant instant messaging chat tool Desk Assistant  
SOHO Business Toolbar SOHO Business Toolbar - The self-updating SOHO BUSINESS TOOLBAR, available for both INTERNET EXPLORER and MOZILLA FIREFOX
Size: 789 KB
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instant access Site internet explorer toolbar  
TTMessenger Using TTMessenger you can make and receive telephone calls, easily send faxes and send/receive SMSs
Size: 3.83MB
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send SMS instant messenger instant messenger make call  
Miranda IM Multi-protocol instant messenger client for Windows
Size: 2.6 MB
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client instant chat messenger communication  
Psi Premiere Instant Messaging application designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
Size: 16.5 MB
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message instant messaging instant chat gnu jabber  
NetStorm CPI Safe Internet / Local Network Chat application
Size: 2.2 MB
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message instant chat chat client Instant Message  

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Switch Google Instant Switch Google instant is a Firefox extension designed to enable or disable Google Instant. Frustrate from Google Instant? Want to disable Google Instant? Do not want to use Google Instant? Then Switch...
Size: 6 KB
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firefox Disable firefox addon  
PCSentinel's Red-Handed: Record Instant Messages! PCSentinel's Red-Handed! secretly records and monitors instant message conversations, alerts you when certain keywords are recorded, parental controls limit instant message use, prohibit certain scree...
Size: 1.09 MB
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instant Instant Message instant messanger instant messager  
Chat Watch Network Edition Chat Watch Network Edition is a program that logs AOL instant Messenger instant messages sent through your computer and your network. Chat Watch Network Edition (NE) is a powerful application that log...
Size: 728 KB
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instant log chat watch instant messenger Chat Watch  
TizzleTalk Translate your instant messenger conversations into Ebonics, Redneck, Dubya, Schwarzenegger, Jessica Simpson, and William Hung style dialects. TizzleTalk is a Windows program that works with AOL Insta...
Size: 383.16k
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Imitate Sound Imitate imitate signal  
OCS Instant Message Archive Viewer OCS Instant Message Archive Viewer tool provides an easy way to retrieve peer-to-peer instant messages and instant messages that were sent during a conference from archiving database.
Size: 394KB
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microsoft microsoft word 2003 windows 2007  
Private Network Instant Messenger [b]Private Network instant Messenger[/b], is an open source cross platform instant messaging program. It allows instant messaging without the need for a third party centralised server, such as MSN's. ...
Size: 480KB
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virtual private network AOL Instant Messenger derive 5